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Always One Step Ahead

EnviroDynamix is always a step ahead in helping cities define their future and taking action to implement change.

Our services and projects focus on optimizing conditions for human livability within the framework of forward-looking development of built environments and infrastructure of all types including food systems. Coupled with an understanding of the circular economy, strategies for securing project funding and a sound business attitude, we’re able to create high-performance solutions that empower the transformation of our urban habitats. Below are additional areas we work in.


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Cutting Edge Solutions for a Healthy and Resilient Future

We are in the midst of the greatest challenge that humankind has ever faced.


Urban areas around the world are facing more enormous challenges and rapid changes than they did 20 years ago. With more than 50% of the global population living in urban environments, cities continue to have an ever-increasing challenge of supporting healthy and equitable quality of life for city dwellers while ensuring minimal impact on the environment needed to preserve life.


While cites face these increasingly demanding ongoing and new challenges, the opportunities for developing transformative solutions that ensure a positive future are extraordinary. EnviroDynamix is positioned to help solve some of the most pressing urban challenges while initiating this urban transformation. 


A Uniquely Different Approach 

EnviroDynamix offers a full range of consulting services based on a uniquely different whole-systems approach. We start by asking more high impact questions that change the discussion to find the root challenges needing to be solved. We help translate maximum value to best achieve the most important goals, prioritizing actions based on maximum value.


And because EnviroDynamix is comprised of an international group of some of today's most brilliant cross-industry minds, we have our fingers on the international pulse of solutions and innovations. This gives us a global perspective on a variety of working solutions that local leaders may not have access to. Our services are designed to go beyond the status quo and deliver what our competitors aren't always in a position to do. 

50% of the global population currently lives in cities with an estimated projection of 70% by 2050.

EnviroDynamix Cities & Urban Habitats

EnviroDynamix takes a whole-systems integrated 

approach to sustainable urban environments with solutions that ensure livable cities, environmentally healthy neighborhoods and low impact lifestyles designed to create a more sustainable and resilient future. We work with cities, towns and regional governments to help identify the challenges, analyze current strategies, assess programs, target the strongest solutions, help hone implementation action plans and match funding strategies to projects.


Our City Solutions Services include:


             Whole Systems & Targeted Sustainable Solutions Strategies

             Sustainability Plan Evaluation & Implementation Strategies

             Envirodynamic Regenerative Cities & Urban Planning Solutions

             Climate Adaptation & Resilience Planning

             Climate Vulnerability Assessments & Impact Strategies

             Cross-Department Strategies & Solutions

             Project Analysis & Evaluation

             Energy & Water Solution

             Environmentally Focused Urban Sprawl Retrofit

             Economic Development & Project Finance Solutions

             Town Revitalization Strategies


(Also see Neighborhood Development services for more)

Resilient & Regenerative 

Neighborhood Solutions

Sustainable cities and neighborhoods encompass more than just clean air, waste management, low-impact building, renewable energy, and transportation. True sustainability must include a full range of human sustainability solutions based on a complex array of challenges in order to create smart, thriving and livable cities. EnviroDynamix™ has a unique understanding and perspective on sustainable, resilient and regenerative neighborhoods that unitizes not only expertise in environmental solutions, but also deep knowledge of the challenges rooted in cultural and environmental anthropology.


Our Sustainable Neighborhood Services include:


            Local Environmental Analysis & Urban Planning Strategy

            Neighborhood-Centric Sustainability & Resilience Planning

            Targeted Localized Ethnographic & Anthropological Mapping

            (See our Human•i•City section for more info.)

            Neighborhood Revitalization & Sustainable Living Solutions

            Food Security & Urban Farming Projects

            (See our urban agriculture section)

            Neighborhood Engagement Strategies and Facilitation


Port Authority Services

The gateways to global commerce have ranked as some of the world’s most polluting places and the need to work toward being more environmentally friendly— to people, wildlife, and the environment — is increasingly imperative.


EnviroDynamix offers a range of services to help Improve the Environmental and Energy Performance of Ports and Terminals, provide maximum cost savings and ensure stronger resiliency, as well as develop strategies that benefit the surrounding neighborhoods.


Our Services for Ports and Airports include:


            Port and Airport Sustainability and Environmental Analysis

            Port and Airport Resilience Services

            Energy Evaluation and Efficiency Strategies and Services

            Hybrid & Off-Grid Energy Solutions

            Sustainable Resource Management Services

            Sustainable Transport Strategies and Solutions

            Climate Adaptation and Mitigation

            Carbon Management Strategies

            Digital and "Smart" Port Solutions Consulting

            Strategies for Enhancing and Minimizing Impact of Natural  


            Redevelopment of Surrounding Natural Habitats


Coastal Communities and 

Storm Prone Environments 

Along with economic, expanding demographics, and societal changes, coastal and storm-prone communities face uncertainty in future climate conditions and the risks of their underlying vulnerability that demands greater focus on critical risk reduction and resiliency solutions.


Innovative solutions in coastal land use, built environment design, natural and advanced hybrid infrastructure, new technologies and ecosystem health are essential to mitigating growing risks, while enhancing the livability of communities, strengthening their economic base and restoring the integrity of natural resources.


Our Services for Coastal Communities and Storm Environments include:


            Risk Assessment of Coastal & Storm-Prone Environments

            Coastal and Storm-Prone City Resiliency Planning & Solutions

            Flood Zone, Water Catchment and Sponge City Solutions

            Innovative Building & Public Spaces Strategies and Design  

            tailored for Coastal & Flood Zone Environments

            Coastal Erosion and Sea Wall Solutions

            Natural and Hybrid Infrastructure and Planning Services

            Harbor Relocation Planning and Services

            ** We also work with colleagues on Ocean Habitat Restoration 

            and Clean Up



Energy & Water Security Solutions

A secure water and energy supply is vital to the survival and prosperity of people and cities. Rapid urbanization and population growth in the recent decades have put unprecedented pressure on water and energy infrastructures.


In the face of expanding consumption and diminishing resources, our paramount focus is on solutions that satisfy the increasing demands, solve critical problems and deliver long-term Energy-Water-Food Nexus security that ensures we thrive in the future.


Our Water & Energy Solutions Services include:


             Water Security Assessment and Solutions Services

             Sustainable Water Infrastructure Consulting

             Water Utility Resiliency Strategy Plans

             Water Reuse Feasibility Studies & Solutions

             Hybrid & Renewable Energy Strategies and Systems

             Energy Assessment and Planning

             Off-Grid and Integrated Grid Systems Strategies

             Energy Plant Conversion & Energy Storage Solutions

             Localized Energy Solutions


 **Please contact us to discuss the full range of our Water and

      Energy Services.

Desert & Drought Prone Environments 

Desert and drought prone cities face particularly difficult challenges that requite a whole systems viewpoint. As populations in these cities expand, precious resources that were never meant to sustain large groups of people have been seriously stressed.


Our EnviroDynamix ‘Solutionists’ see deserts and drought prone cities as the greatest opportunity for innovation in every area of true environmental sustainability. Water, food, energy, habitat design and ecosystem protection and regeneration must work together in order for humans to survive in a long term dry climate scenario.


Our Services for Desert and Drought Environments include:


            Environmental and Climate Risk Assessment

            Whole Systems Assessment and Solutions Services

            Dry Climate Resilience Planning & Regenerative Solutions

            Water Security Solutions & Services

            (See more in our Energy & Water Section below)

            Food Security & Low Water Agriculture Solutions Services

            Energy and Climate Cooling Solutions (See more below)

            Native Habitat Solutions and Low Water Landscape Services



Adaptive Reuse and Abandoned Spaces Redevelopment 

The EnviroDynamix  Expert Team offers a full range of sustainability and resilience strategies to both corporate and educational campuses adapted to the needs of the client and environment.


Additionally, we work with cities and developers to create solid strategies and development plans for abandoned and unused buildings, factory spaces, closed fort facilities and derelict shopping malls. We believe strongly in adaptive reuse.


 Adaptive Reuse and Redevelopment of Abandoned Spaces include:


            Closed Forts and Military Bases Redevelopment

            Dead Mall Redevelopment

            Adaptive Reuse Strategy, planning & Developer of Unused

            Factories, City Buildings, Public Spaces, Old Power Stations and

            Water Plants, Closed Railway and Bus Stations, Empty Hotels and

            Resort Complexes

            Brownfield Redevelopment


Other Services.

Funding Solutions 

Increasingly, funding for sustainability, climate adaptation, resilience and regenerative projects must draw on a range of public and private financing. At a critical time when cities need to move these projects forward with more speed, they are often hampered by “lack of funds”.


Acknowledging the funding challenges that urban leaders are facing, EnviroDynamix has designed a fund-matching service to help push forward these critically needed projects. To learn more about how you can participate as a funder or take advantage of our services, please contact us.

Food Security & Urban Agriculture 

Urban agriculture has the ability to play an extremely important role in enhancing urban food security. Since the costs of supplying and distributing food to urban areas solely from rural production and imports continues to increase and can not completely satisfy future demands, the need to integrate our food production into our urban environments is paramount.


EnviroDynamix is deeply entrenched in the areas of building integrated agriculture, CEA farming, hydroponics and aquaponics, and vertical urban farming.

Place-Making & Urban Anthropology 

Envirodynamix takes a holistic approach to urban problem solving when it comes to sustainability, neighborhood development, place-making and creating resilient cities by fully integrating the social dimension into our city solutions strategies and projects.


Our Human•i•City urban anthropology based framework is designed to help city leaders, urban planners, policy makers and designers make better culture-led sustainability and planning decisions with positive social resilience impacts and benefits for their communities.


Corporate & Educational Campuses 

The EnviroDynamix  Expert Team offers a full range of sustainability and resilience strategies to both corporate and educational campuses adapted to the needs of the client and environment.



Additionally, we work with cities and developers to create solid strategies and development plans for abandoned and unused buildings, factory spaces, closed fort facilities and derelict shopping malls. We believe strongly in adaptive reuse.


Services for Corporate & Educational Campuses include:


            Corporate Campus Sustainability & Energy Solutions

            Educational Campuses Sustainability & Resilience