What  we  work  on

Creating Envirodynamic Cities That Thrive

At EnviroDynamix we've set out to reset and re-envision what a successful urban future looks like . Our approach is to work openly and collaboratively with our clients, cross-industry teams, design and execution partners, and project stakeholders to maximize impact and value of every project.


Building the 

Future Together.

Types of Projects We're Working On

Vital Elements of  Livable Urban Habitats

What makes a livable city or town is tied to the quality of life of every citizen within that urban habitat. Through years of experience the members of our Brain Trust have identified a number of vital elements necessary to create a truly sustainable and healthy place for people to live as we move forward into the future of urban environments. Every project we develop strives to include these vital elements. 

Community and Neighborhood Feel

Human and Environmental Diversity

Adaptive Reuse, Retrofit and Recycle

Residential & Affordable Housing

Sustainable, Resilient & Regenerative.

Food, Water, Energy Nexus

Low Impact Transportation

Natural Open Spaces & Walkability

Commercial, Retail and Office Spaces

Technology and Connectivity

Culture, Arts and Entertainment

Education Facilities & Community Spaces


Collectively the EnviroDynamix Team has worked on hundreds of diverse projects helping create dynamic living places for people.