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We Catalyze Projects and Bridge the Gap Between Dialogue and Action 

EnviroDynamix, Inc. is a collaborative hub of cross-industry urban focused sustainability scientists, experts, strategists, innovators and visionaries who put solutions into action.


We work with municipal leaders, sustainability department heads, urban planners, built environment developers and corporate executives to define, shape and implement intelligent environmental sustainability, resilience and human-focused livability solutions to solve of today’s most difficult challenges.


We help design, initiate and support global sustainability and resilience projects using a 360° degree inter-disciplinary approach that includes:


     • Sustainability & Resilience Assessment and Strategy

     • Whole Systems Sustainability, Resilience and Regenerative


     • Integrated Urban Environmental and Neighborhood Planning

     • Strategic Plans and Implementation Structuring

     • Climate Impact Evaluation, Climate Action Planning and    

       Adaptation Solutions

     • Food-Water-Energy Nexus Strategies and Solutions

     • Adaptive Reuse & Redevelopment of Unused Spaces

     • Coastal and Storm Environments Solutions

     • Drought and Low Water Environments

     • Port Authority Sustainability and Resilience Solutions

     • Urban and Environmental Anthropology Applied to

       Human-Centered Sustainability


EnviroDynamix Services

At EnviroDynamix™ we know that environmentally and dynamically designed smart living cities that are human-centric, sustainable and regenerative are the way to a positive future for urban living.


Our projects and consulting services deliver tailored solutions and measurable results across a broad spectrum of urban challenges, as well as reinvigorating small towns and retrofitting suburban habitats.


We bring together a unique international 'Brain Trust' of cross-industry experts to tackle problems with fresh insights and a whole solutions viewpoint that delivers more lasting results.


We also have a special services and project focus on developing Human-Centric Low-Impact Livable Neighborhoods, Town Revitalization, Port Authority Sustainability, Urban Agriculture and Food Security, as well as Adaptive Reuse and Redevelopment of Abandoned or Unused Spaces (including Dead Malls, Closed Forts and Factories and Derelict City Buildings).


EnviroDynamix is Always Open to Connecting with Talented Experts and Affiliate Partners

While EnviroDynamix is built as a high-level global team of experts selected by invitation, we are always interested in connecting and working with experts in environmental sustainability and science who are top of their field, as well as affiliate companies who provide top tier services. Please reach out to us, tell us about yourself, your work or your company.


We have many different ways to join EnviroDynamix.

Meet Just some of The People Behind The Vision

Our BrainTrust.

Three Hundred 
Sixty Five Degrees of Excellence.

EnviroDynamix™ has built an international 'Brain Trust' of dynamically talented experts who are passionate about what they do.



San Francisco, CA U.S.A

Tel: +1 310 929 0433


Human-Centered Urban Habitats

for a Healthier Livable Future

The time has come to shift our thinking about how we build cities. As the population of cities has grown exponentially over the years our cities have become crowded jungles of concrete and glass that no longer function properly as places where people can live healthy sustainable lives. At EnviroDynamix we know people come first and so we have developed our Human•i•City or 'Human Integrated City' specialty focus.


Our work takes a People First integrated approach based on a framework rooted in urban and environmental anthropology, as well as a clear understanding of the 15 Global Challenges set forth by the Millennium Project (originally begun at the UN) and applied to localized urban environments. Our framework gives us a unique perspective on the needs of people as we strive to create cities that are resilient, healthier and more livable in the long term.

EnviroDynamix, Inc.

Headquarters - USA 

Las Vegas, NV  U.S.A

Tel: +1 702 381 6180

Email: iinspire@envirodynamix.com

Sydney and Cairns, Australia

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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

We offer a full range of sustainability and resilience solutions for cities, towns, port authorities, neighborhood development, urban sprawl and campuses.

Project Development

Project Development

We develop projects and help put them in action. See more.

Sustainable Development Funding

Sustainable Development Funding

We offer a unique fund-matching service to help launch projects.



Our Human•i•City framework offers a way to create more livable cities based on real human needs. See more.

We are always looking for quality experts as well as budding young talent. please check out our careers page for full information on openings and internships. 

Join Us.


Atlanta, GA U.S.A - Gulf Coast Regional Office

Tel: Use Main Number

Email: iinspire@envirodynamix.com


Los Angeles, CA U.S.A 

Tel: +1 310 929 0433

Email: iinspire@envirodynamix.com

Urban Resilience 

and Regenerative Solutions from a

360˚ Viewpoint​

EnviroDynamix, Inc. works with Urban Leaders

and Decision-Makers to Develop and Implement Human-Centric and Environmentally Integrated Whole Systems Solutions to ensure Resilient, Regenerative and Sustainable Urban Environments

An Associate Network of over 500 Top Tier highly skilled and experienced cross-industry Experts & Affiliate Partners



A 360 degree problem solving perspective

delivering Actionable

Urban Strategy, Adaptation

& Resilience Solutions

Our focus is on the true meaning of "People, Planet, Profit" by creating the Best Value and ways to match Funds to Sustainability and Environmentally centered projects for the Strongest ROI


We are explorers. We are grounded optimists.

We are inspired by challenges, know there is always a solution.


We are tapped into cutting edge technologies, best practices and solutions, and are configured so that we can mix-and-match the people within the organization with partners in order to deliver the most cost-effective positive outcomes for our clients’ and their stakeholders’ complex problems.


And above all...

We are DOERS who Achieve Results.

Our Difference.


A 360° cross-industry viewpoint for superior problem solving

Business Development Specialist

EnviroDynamix currently has openings for Business Development Specialist and Sales Associates with local and international government expertise. 

Environmental Sciences Experts

We have some openings for environmental science experts in several areas.

IMpact Green Finance  & Economic Solutions Experts

EnviroDynamix currently has a few openings for finance and economic experts working on the cutting edge of new financial models.

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