Alexandra Sokol - Chief Sustainability Strategist / Principal

Alexandra Sokol, Principal and Chief Sustainability Strategist at EnviroDynamix™ is a whole systems urban sustainability and resilience solutions strategist working at the intersection of urban planning, sustainable building and development, environmental integration and regeneration, climate adaptation, water and food security, energy, infrastructure, smart city solutions and technologies to help ensure livable and sustainable urban human habitats.


Highly regarded by her peers as a leader in strategic and tactical thinking, future extrapolation and innovation, research and think tank facilitation, project development and implementation, Ms. Sokol has focused her extensive range of expertise in applied urban anthropology and human place-making, sustainable neighborhood solutions and envirodynamic habitat development on creating a more sustainable and equitable urban future. Her concentration is primarily focused on sustainable cities and towns solutions, applied urban and environmental anthropology, livable neighborhoods design, climate adaptation and resilience, food security, urban agriculture and environmentally based habitat design.


After a successful earlier career in experiential marketing, media and advertising working with some of the world’s most visible Fortune 500 companies, (including Apple, Intel, Siemens, Sony, Oracle, Deloitte, Toyota, Cushman & Wakefield to name a few), Alexandra returned to her childhood roots and passions growing up immersed in sustainability through her ecological journalist father, arts and architecturally focused mother and their family friends including Stewart Brand (Whole Earth Catalog), Paolo Soleri (Architect and originator of Arcology), Richard Saul Wurman (Architect and TED creator), Fritjof Capra, architects Ian McHarg and Herb Kahn, scientist Robert Reines, and aquaponics guru John Todd. She is currently acting as a lead strategist for EnviroDynamix in helping cities identify solutions to sustainability and resilience challenges, working with towns on revitalization projects, handling operations management and facilitating a number of EnviroDynamix projects. In addition she is spearheading the development of EnviroDynamix’s signature “Human•i•City” framework for mapping neighborhood and city ‘culture’ using anthropology as a base in order to facilitate best solutions.


Alexandra Sokol also currently serves as an Advisor and Advance Ambassador to U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC-National), is on the National Community Resiliency and Pacific Region Committees, serves as a Steering Committee member of USGBC-LA’s Westside Chapter and is on the USGBC-LA Advocacy Committee. She is an international speaker and member of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project Leadership Corps, is an active member of Stanford’s MAHB group, and is a Member of Convetit’s Tech, Climate and Urban Trends board. Alexandra has Co-Chaired high level international summits, sustainability conferences and has spent over ten years as a sustainability journalist for a number of publications, including acting as the LA Environmental Journalist for the Examiner from 2008-2013.